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Скачать Professional SQL Server Reporting Services (repost) бесплатно

Professional SQL Server Reporting Services
Wrox | ISBN: 0764568787 | 624 pages | May 7, 2004 | PDF | 8 Mb

SQL Server Reporting Services is the customizable reporting solution for report designers and programmers. This hands-on guide will get you up to speed quickly. You can create powerful reports without programming knowledge and extend reporting solutions using VB, C#, and ASP.NET.

Packed with detailed examples of building reports, designing report solutions, and developing deployment strategies for interacting with various platforms, this book prepares you to take full advantage of a revolutionary new tool.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn in this book:
* Details of programming reports and report scripting
* Advanced report design, including drill-down reports, nested lists, drill-through, links, and dynamic content
* How to manage reports using Report Manager or program code
* High-level strategies for business support systems
* Rendering reports using .NET code, .NET IO namespace classes, and URL rendering
* Deployment strategies to handle hardware, software, and platform considerations, licensing issues, and scaling options

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