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Скачать SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure & XML Programming, Second Edition бесплатно

SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure & XML Programming, Second Edition
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 2 edition | ISBN: 0072228962 | 696 pages | May 16, 2003 | PDF | 8 Mb

Discover the key concepts, techniques, tips, and tricks professional developers need to know in order to take full advantage of stored procedures in the SQL Server environment. SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure & XML Programming, Second Edition teaches you to manage SQL Server resources using Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio .NET. Learn basic and advanced XML with special focus on features that are in use in Microsoft database and development tools. Develop dynamic, Web-based applications using SQL Server's XML capabilities. This helpful resource contains simple explanations for developers who are just starting to work with stored procedures and XML, as well as advanced recommendations and techniques for experienced developers.

Essential Skills for Database Professionals
* Build user-defined, system, temporary, global temporary, extended, remote, and nested stored procedures
* Write code to interact with COM objects, DTS packages, executables, mail, the Registry, jobs, full-text indexes, and security
* Manage source code and deploy databases using T-SQL scripts or Visual Studio .NET tools
* Learn the finer points of using identity, timestamp, dynamically constructed queries, temporary tables, and more
* Master the latest features of XML for SQL Web Releases--XML BulkLoad, UpdateGrams, DiffGrams, SOAP, Web services, XML Views, and OPENXML
* Access and modify databases through URL, POST, XML template, XPath queries, mapped XML schemas, and Web Services
* Develop .NET applications for SQL Server 2000 databases using SQLXML managed classes
* Sample scripts, .NET projects, databases, XML templates, and development and deployment tools available online

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