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Скачать SQL Tips & Techniques бесплатно

SQL Tips & Techniques
Premier Press, Inc.; 1 edition | ISBN: 1931841454 | 1127 pages | February 2, 2002 | CHM | 55 Mb

Owning this reference, which covers everything from the components of a table to performing batch updates, is a must! Beginning with tips for the person who is programming with SQL for the first time, SQL Tips and Techniques grows with your skills. You can start with Tip 1, "Understanding the Definition of a Database," and by the last tip, "Displaying image Data Stored Within a SQL Table," you will have covered all aspects of SQL. Or, you can simply keep this book as a comprehensive reference for answering specific SQL questions quickly. However you read it, this invaluable reference will be the only SQL book you need on your shelf!

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