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Скачать A First Look at Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Developers - Reup. бесплатно

A First Look at Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Developers
Addison-Wesley Pro | 2004 | 736 pages | ISBN 0321180593 | PDF | 4.7 MB

Books on the beta releases of software have sold extremely well, when they are on an important software release, even though very few of them have had any solid or original content. Microsoft has come to AW, and our authors, to produce a book on the beta release of their next version of SQL Server. They are providing unprecedented advance access to the SQL Server team to insure that this book is not just a rehash of already available white papers and web articles, but is actually full of important, useful information. The next version of SQL Server will be the biggest update in years, and has been the subject of a great amount of advance buzz already. The book and the beta software should be released at about the same time. There may be a few other books published on the beta, but none of those authors will have had the access and support which our book has received. The authors will keep the book's web site updated as the beta software develops, and will update the book for the final software release. This book will set a new standard for "beta" books.


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