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Скачать Wrox's SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit бесплатно

Wrox's SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit
Wrox | ISBN: 0764589237 | 384 pages | January 11, 2006 | PDF

You'll learn the basics of working with SSE databases, and see how the Visual Basic(r) 2005 Express Edition programming environment is tailored to work well with SSE. Step-by-step examples cover major scenarios that you're likely to face, from installation and development to debugging and deployment. Plus, the CD-ROM features both VB Express and SSE so you can get started designing your databases right away.
What you will learn from this book
* How to create simple, single table applications without writing a single line of code
* Making the transition from SSE to a higher-level version of SQL Server
* The benefits of using XML in your database
* How to deploy your applications using Xcopy
* How to secure your database applications
* How to move your database to a multi-user scenario

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