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Скачать Visual Basic.NET How to Program, 2nd Edition (REPOST) бесплатно

"Visual Basic.NET How to Program, 2nd Edition" by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Tem R. Nieto
Publisher: Prentice Hall | December 11, 2001 | ISBN: 0130293636 | PDF | 58.14 Mb | 1517 Pages

For introductory and intermediate courses on Visual Basic programming offered in departments of Computer Science, CIS, MIS, IT, Business, Engineering, and Continuing Education. Teach Visual Basic .NET programming from the ground up! The introduction of Microsoft's .NET Framework marks the beginning of major revisions to all of Microsoft's programming languages. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the latest version of Visual Basic--Visual Basic .NET--which features extensive updates and increased functionality. Visual Basic .NET How to Program covers introductory programming techniques as well as more advanced topics, featuring enhanced treatment of developing Web-based applications.

In Visual Basic .NET How to Program, 2/e, the Deitels and their colleague, Tem. R. Nieto, discuss topics you need to build complete .NET, Web-based applications, including:
* .NET Introduction/IDE/Debugger
* Control Structures/Procedures/Arrays
* Classes/Data Abstraction/Strings
* OOP/Inheritance/Polymorphism
* Methods/Properties/Events/Delegates
* Data Structures/Collections/Unicode®
* Database/ADO.NET/SQL
* Assemblies/Modules/Exceptions
* GUI/Forms/Controls/Visual Inheritance
* Web Services/ASP.NET/Web Forms
* VoiceXML™/Regular Expressions
* Files/Streams/Multimedia/Graphics/GDI+
* Multithreading/Client-Server/Networking
* Session Tracking/Cookies/Accessibility
* HTML 4/XHTML™/COM Integration

Visual Basic .NET How to Program, 2/e includes extensive pedagogic features:
* Hundreds of LIVE-CODE™ programs with screen captures that show exact outputs
* Extensive World Wide Web and Internet resources to encourage further research
* Hundreds of tips, recommended practices and cautions—all marked with icons

Visual Basic .NET How to Program, 2/e is the centerpiece of a complete family of resources for teaching and learning Visual Basic

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