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Скачать Alan Simpson - Access VBA Programming For Dummies (Repost) бесплатно

Alan Simpson - Access VBA Programming For Dummies
For Dummies | 2004 | ISBN: 0764574116 | Pages: 408 | PDF | 5.70 MB

* This friendly, easy-to-use guide shows experienced Access users how to use
* VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to build Access databases and applications, but also covers programming fundamentals for nonprogrammers
* Includes practical, ready-to-use VBA code examples that readers can type or copy and paste from the Web into their own database projects
* Explains basic VBA skills and concepts for nonprogrammers, such as procedures, variables, and loops
* Covers more advanced topics, such as record sets and other programming activities that are unique to Access programming
* Author has written more than ninety computer books and has been working with databases since the early 1980s

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