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Скачать Deborah Kurata - Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005 (Repost) бесплатно

Deborah Kurata - Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005
Addison-Wesley | 2007 | ISBN: 0321320492 | Pages: 552 | PDF | 5.53 MB

Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005 is the authoritative guide to object-oriented design, architecture, and development with Visual Basic 2005. Author Deborah Kurata is the original pioneer in building object-oriented applications with Visual Basic. In this book she continues to offer clarity and deliver best practices for using object-oriented techniques in Visual Basic 2005. She has been honored with Microsoft’s prestigious MVP designation for her expertise and contributions to the community.

Kurata begins with a concise introduction to core object-oriented concepts and the Visual Basic 2005 features that support them. Next she introduces a pragmatic and agile approach to designing effective applications along with an application framework. From there she walks you through the process of building the user interface, business logic, and data access layers of an application, highlighting key VB 2005 techniques and best practices. Kurata’s step-by-step “building along” activities provide you with deep hands-on mastery; your finished application can serve as the starting point for virtually any custom project. This book

* Shows how the tools in Visual Studio 2005 combined with a solid object-oriented approach can help minimize the complexities of software development and improve productivity
* Clearly explains the fundamental concepts of object development: classes, inheritance, interfaces, scenarios, and more
* Presents a pragmatic agile software design methodology to help analyze and design applications for the real world
* Covers building the user interface layer using a base form class, programmatic interfaces, and object binding
* Details building the business logic layer using a base business object class and validation rules
* Demonstrates how to build the data access layer using ADO.NET
* Provides best practices and tips for experienced .NET developers, those new to .NET, and for those developers moving from VB6 to .NET



Chapter 1: Introduction to OO in .NET

Chapter 2: Designing Software

Chapter 3: Building Projects

Chapter 4: Building the User Interface Layer

Chapter 5: Building the Business Logic Layer

Chapter 6: Class Tools and Techniques

Chapter 7: Binding the User Interface to the Business Objects

Chapter 8: Building the Data Access Layer

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