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Скачать Repost: Visual Basic 6 Database How-To бесплатно

"Visual Basic 6 Database How-To" by Jason T. Roff, Bill Heyman & Ryan Groom
Waite Group Press (1998-08) | ISBN 1571691529 | English | 703 Pages | PDF | 2.33 Mb

With the release of Visual Basic 6, database development in Visual Basic moves to a new level of sophistication. With Visual Basic 6 Database How-To, readers can keep abreast of the new developments.

It contains more than 120 step-by-step s -Visual Basic How-To has sold over 50,000 copies to date and won the Visual Basic Programmers Journal Readers Choice Award in 1995 -Written in the Waite Groups proven question and answer format -Expanded coverage of Visual Basic 98, including Internet topics and lots of all new How-Tos


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