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Скачать Visual Basic 2008 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (Recipes: a Problem-Solution Approach) бесплатно

Visual Basic 2008 Recipes

Visual Basic 2008 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach
Todd Herman , Allen Jones, et al | Apress | April 2008 | PDF | 704 Pages | ISBN: 1590599705 | 9.2 MB

Sometimes you just need to solve a problem and get on with your work. To that end, Visual Basic 2008 Recipes is a compendium of practical solutions for busy VB .NET programmers. Create time for the more interesting aspects of your VB .NET project by solving common problems with the practical solutions and dozens of code examples in this book. Important new .NET 3.5 technologies, such as Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and Language Integrated Query (LINQ), are covered, and each chapter addresses a specific problem domain, including database access, multimedia, XML manipulation, networking, and security. The code is free to download so you can use the recipes immediately.

* Take advantage of quality, ready–made solutions to common Visual Basic programming problems.
* Avoid the tedium of having to reinvent the wheel. Focus instead on the more interesting problems specific to your application.
* Learn from and be inspired by what the authors have done. Use their work as stepping stones to solve even more complex problems.

What you’ll learn

* Cleanly separate user–interface logic from business logic through the use of .NET 3.5’s WPF.
* Store data to and retrieve data from your relational database using LINQ.
* Manipulate XML data using LINQ.
* Make your programs dynamically configurable through the judicious application of reflection.
* Take advantage of multiple CPU cores by writing multithreaded applications.
* Integrate multimedia into your Visual Basic projects.

Who is this book for?

Visual Basic 2008 Recipes is written for Visual Basic developers who have at least some experience in developing Visual Basic solutions. The book contains recipes appealing to intermediate through advanced developers.

Author Information

Todd Herman

Todd Herman works for Berico Technologies as a senior developer as part of the intelligence community. He has been programming since he received his first computer, a Commodore 64, on his 11th birthday. His experience ranges from developing data–entry software in FoxPro for a water research laboratory to writing biometric applications in Visual Basic for NEC. He currently lives in Virginia with his wife and children, spending his free time programming, playing computer games, and watching the Sci–Fi Channel.

He recently set up a blog, which you can find at http://blogs.bericotechnologies.com/todd.

Allen Jones

Allen Jones is a Director of Principal Objective Ltd., a UK–based consultancy that provides independent IT strategy and solutions architecture services. Allen has more than 15 years of commercial experience, covering almost every aspect of IT; however, his true passion has been and always will be software development. In his spare time, Allen works—writing books and training material—or studies in an effort to find some form of enlightenment that has so far eluded him.

Matthew MacDonald

Matthew MacDonald is an author, educator, and MCSD developer who has a passion for emerging technologies. He is a regular writer for developer journals such as Inside Visual Basic, ASPToday, and Hardcore Visual Studio .NET, and he's the author of several books about programming with .NET, including User Interfaces in VB .NET: Windows Forms and Custom Controls, The Book of VB .NET, and .NET Distributed Applications. In a dimly remembered past life, he studied English literature and theoretical physics. Send e-mail to him with praise, condemnation, and everything in between, to p2p@prosetech.com.

Rakesh Rajan

Rakesh Rajan is a software engineer from India working with US technology at Trivandrum. He is a Microsoft MVP in C# and an MCSD in .NET. He has been working in .NET for the past three years. You can find him posting at newsgroups, writing articles, working on his own projects, or speaking about .NET. Visit his site at www.rakeshrajan.com or drop him an e-mail at rakeshrajan@mvps.org.


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