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Скачать Visual Basic 6 Mts Programming бесплатно

Matt Bortniker , James M. Conard, "Visual Basic 6 Mts Programming"
Wrox | ISBN: 1861002440 | 500 pages | PDF | 7,8 Mb

Presently, books do not meet the needs of the experienced Visual Basic Developer interested in implementing MTS. Many existing books have devoted small sections to MTS. These are often great resources for many developers. However, they do not provide the necessary depth required for more advanced programmers to implement a large-scale application. Typically, this group of developers has gone beyond the knowledge level that existing books have to offer. They may often turn to alternate sources of information such as the Visual Basic Programmers Journal, Microsoft Developers Network, and USENET groups. However, each of these provides the same types of repetitive code samples and snippets that address single and often obscure development topics.


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