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Скачать Professional Visual Basic 6 Web Programming бесплатно

Jerry Ablan and oth. ,"Professional Visual Basic 6 Web Programming"
Wrox | ISBN: 186100222X | 1081 pages | PDF | 13,3 Mb

This book looks at the special demands of web programming, as well as its flexibility, and will introduce you to DNA - Microsoft's web development structure. Programming the browser through a variety of techniques - DHTML, scripting and VB components is discussed. Then how you can use VB to incorporate and customize browsers in your traditional VB applications is covered using MTS and MSMQ. From here, combining ASP and VB to produce dynamic web pages and sophisticated business logic processing for your website is discussed . Once the data has been collected, retrieving data through SQL Server and ADO is covered. Finally data transfer across the web with XML and the new web programming mechanism, Web Classes are introduced.


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