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Скачать VBScript: Programmer's Reference бесплатно

VBScript: Programmer's Reference
Wrox; New ed.. edition | ISBN:0764543679 | 840 pages | December 31, 1999 | PDF | 2 Mb

What is this book about? VBScript is one of Microsoft's scripting languages, which can be employed in a variety of ways — from client-side scripting in Internet Explorer to server-side programming in ASP and the new Microsoft Windows Script Host. The language itself has been gradually increasing in power and flexibility, and the newest release, VBScript 5.0 (which comes with IE5.0), represents a huge increase in functionality and effectiveness:
* VBScript books now in demand from VB and WSH developers
* New version 5.0 now available with substantial changes — this is first book
* Proven Programmer's Reference format
* Extensive reference to langauge and object models

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