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Скачать Visual Basic 6 Complete Guide бесплатно


Chuck Easttom "Visual Basic 6 Complete Guide"
ISBN N/A | Pages 217 | PDF | 1.6 Mb

This book is meant for the beginner. Its primary purpose is to get you up and writing programs in the shortest possible time. For that reason I take a very practical approach (thus the title). My goal is that you be able to function as a competent Visual Basic programmer in at the end of this book, and write useful programs. That means that I don’t go in depth into theory, or into advanced topics. However this book should provide you with the ground work necessary to move on to more advanced programming topics. While some of the code examples and lessons can be accomplished with Visual Basic 4, 5, or 6, much will require Visual Basic 6.0.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Visual Basic
Chapter 2 Introduction to Database Programming
Chapter 3 Essentials of Writing Code
Chapter 4 In Depth VB Coding
Chapter 5 Object Oriented Programming.
Chapter 6 VB Printing and More.
Chapter 7 ADO
Chapter 8 Active X Dll’s.
Chapter 9 Active X Controls
Chapter 10 TCP/IP programming
Appendix A Keywords
Appendix B Controls
Appendix C Other ResourcesAppendix D DDE & OLE
Appendix F Ten Commandments of Coding

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