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Скачать Database Programming with VB.NET and ADO.NET (with source code) бесплатно

Author(s): F. Scott Barker | "Database Programming with VB.NET and ADO.NET"
Sams | Sep 2002 | ISBN: 0672322471 | English | 544 pages | CHM | 9.7 MB (book with source code)

The topic combination of VB .NET and ADO.NET is unbeatable. VB .NET is the most popular language in which to code. And, every developer needs to understand ADO.NET to allow data to be accessed from a Web site. In this book Developers will be shown numerouse code examples that will illustr4ate how to program database driven applications within the .NET Framework. The book is aimed at both established and new VB Developers. Important topics covered include: Visual Studio development environment, ASP.NET applications, Windows Forms application, using VB .NET with ADO.NET, complex queries, security, COM interop., and application deployment.

This book is for the serious developer, whether corporate or independent, who wants to create database applications using Visual Basic .NET. If you are looking for a primer on .NET or even a beginner book for Visual Basic .NET, then you would be wise to pick up another book to give you the basics on those topics. This book focuses on the topic I love best: database development.

Current Visual Basic developers will get quite a bit out of this book. Although you will find that much of Visual Basic .NET looks familiar, the language has grown up quite a bit and even gets more of the respect it deserves since we can now use the Visual Basic we know and love in Web Forms as well as Windows Forms. Those who are familiar with ADO will appreciate the samples that show how to use ADO.NET. Hopefully, even hard-core Visual Basic developers will appreciate the chapter on wrapping up some of the ADO.NET data access into classes for simplified coding.

Those Access developers who are attempting to take the plunge and expand their horizons hopefully will be placed at ease with how similar developing databases between Access and Visual Basic is. If you have already worked with SQL Server and ADO, then you are ahead of the game. Even if you haven't developed in Visual Basic previously, this book will give you some great sample code to get started.

Corporate management will find this book useful for getting an idea of what their developers can do with Visual Basic .NET, both on the desktop and Web sides.

Chapter 01 - Developing Windows Forms Using Bound Controls
Chapter 02 - Creating SQL Server Database Objects From Visual Studio .NET
Chapter 03 - Viewing Data With ADO.NET
Chapter 04 - Manipulating Data With ADO.NET
Chapter 05 - Working With Data In Web Forms
Chapter 06 - Creating Transact-SQL Commands
Chapter 07 - Performing Common Database Tasks Using SQL-DMO
Chapter 08 - Taking Advantage of Data-Driven Techniques
Chapter 09 - Using Classes With Databases to Make Life Easier
Chapter 10 - Creating Reports Using Crystal Reports
Chapter 11 - Managing SQL Server Security
Chapter 12 - Utilizing XML Data In Your Visual Basic .NET Applications
Chapter 13 - Creating XML Web Services

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