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Скачать Database Access with Visual Basic .NET (3rd Edition) бесплатно

Database Access with Visual Basic .NET (3rd Edition)
Addison-Wesley Professional; 3 edition | ISBN: 0672323435 | 464 pages | February 11, 2003 | CHM | 4 Mb

Whether you are using WinForms, WebForms, or Web Services, Database Access with Visual Basic® .NET, Third Edition, is your practical guide to developing database applications with Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET. The authors provide real-world solutions to the data-access issues Visual Basic .NET developers face every day and share their secrets for becoming a more effective database programmer using .NET technologies.

The book begins by reviewing the fundamentals of database development, Structured Query Language (SQL), and Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000. It then examines how to use the major ADO.NET objects to access data stored in relational databases. Through detailed examples, readers learn how to use properties and methods, as well as more advanced features and techniques. Extensive code listings in Visual Basic .NET illustrate each concept, while business cases apply concepts to real-world applications. The final chapters provide a solid examination of how XML and ASP.NET integrate with ADO.NET to create various types of database applications. A companion Web site provides the code used in the book's myriad examples, all of which is compatible with Visual Basic .NET 2003.

Key topic coverage includes:
* SQL queries and commands
* Using SQL Server 2000
* ADO.NET objects
* Advanced ADO.NET features and techniques
* SQL Server and OLEDB, as well as ODBC .NET Data Providers
* Using Visual Studio .NET Data Projects for managing SQL Scripts
* Integrating XML with ADO.NET
* Developing Web-based database applications with ASP.NET
* Web services and middle-tier objects

Database Access with Visual Basic® .NET, Third Edition, equips VB developers with the knowledge and skills needed to build a powerful new generation of database applications in less time using .NET technologies.

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