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Скачать SUSE Linux 9 Bible бесплатно

SUSE Linux 9 Bible by Justin Davies, Roger Whittaker, William von Hagen
Publisher: Wiley; Pap/DVD edition (January 28, 2005) | 675 pages | ISBN: 0764577395 | PDF | 8.7 MB

* SUSE is the leading Linux distribution in Europe, with a strong enterprise presence and reputation as the most secure Linux distribution
* Written by two SUSE insiders, this book explains the best way to carry out a task while making full use of SUSE's configuration utilities and unique YaST modules
* Offers unique information not found anywhere else on the latest SUSE editions, including Enterprise Server, Professional (for home users and developers), Standard Server, and Desktop (Enterprise desktop) DVD includes the Fall 2004 release of the SUSE Personal Edition, a $29.95 value

From the Back Cover
If SUSE Linux 9 can do it, you can do it, too ...

SUSE is the oldest commercial Linux distribution, favored in Europe and rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. Whether you're just discovering Linux or switching from another distribution, this comprehensive reference gives you not only the "how-to" information, but also a thorough understanding of Linux principles and possibilities. Learn to install SUSE and configure it with YaST, use the command line, set up network services, incorporate SUSE Linux into your enterprise, and so much more.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of SUSE Linux 9

* Install SUSE Linux using YaST, manual installation, or other methods
* Explore the use of system logs and the X Window system
* Unlock the power of the command line for text editing, package maintenance, and advanced networking
* Implement major network services, including Web servers, mail servers, and file and print servers
* Set up Windows® interoperability with Samba
* Run an FTP server and work with NFS and LDAP
* Examine enterprise architecture, explore the Linux kernel, and understand the Standard and OpenExchange servers

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