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Скачать Linux Bible 2005 Edition бесплатно

Linux Bible 2005 Edition by Christopher Negus
Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana 2005 | 843 Pages | ISBN: 0764579495 | PDF | 6 MB

* Detailed installation instructions and step-by-step descriptions of key desktop and server components help new users get up and running immediately
* Descriptions of the various distributions from people in the Linux community help users zero in on the best Linux for their needs
* The perfect migration guide for Windows and Macintosh desktop users who want to switch to Linux, as well as for systems administrators who want to set up secure, fully functioning server systems
* Covers Linux embedded systems, firewalls, and routers plus desktops and servers
* Includes Fedora Core 3, Debian Linux, SUSE Linux, Knoppix, Gentoo Linux, Slackware Linux, Mandrake Linux, Damn Small Linux, and a Linux firewall and router on DVD

Chris Negus has authored or co-authored dozens of books on Linux and UNIX, including the Red Hat Linux Bible (all editions), Linux Troubleshooting Bible, and Linux Toys. He worked with the organization at AT&T that developed UNIX for eight years before moving to Utah to help contribute to Novell’s short-lived UnixWare project in the early 1990s. When not writing about Linux, Chris rides the 400 trail with his wife Sheree, builds things with his son Seth, and plays soccer when he can.

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Part I: Linux First Steps.

Chapter 1: Starting with Linux.

Chapter 2: Running Commands from the Shell.

Chapter 3: Getting into the Desktop.

Part II: Running the Show.

Chapter 4: Learning Basic Administration.

Chapter 5: Getting on the Internet.

Chapter 6: Securing Linux.

Part III: Choosing and Installing a Linux Distribution.

Chapter 7: Installing Linux.

Chapter 8: Running Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Chapter 9: Running Debian GNU/Linux.

Chapter 10: Running SUSE Linux.

Chapter 11: Running KNOPPIX.

Chapter 12: Running Yellow Dog Linux.

Chapter 13: Running Gentoo Linux.

Chapter 14: Running Slackware Linux.

Chapter 15: Running Linspire.

Chapter 16: Running Mandrakelinux.

Chapter 17: Running a Linux Firewall/Router.

Chapter 18: Running Bootable Linux Distributions.

Part IV: Running Applications.

Chapter 19: Playing Music and Video.

Chapter 20: Working with Words and Images.

Chapter 21: E-Mailing and Web Browsing.

Chapter 22: Gaming Alone and Online.

Part V: Running Servers.

Chapter 23: Running a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) Server.

Chapter 24: Running a Mail Server.

Chapter 25: Running a Print Server.

Chapter 26: Running a File Server.

Part VI: Programming in Linux.

Chapter 27: Programming Environments and Interfaces.

Chapter 28: Programming Tools and Utilities.

Appendix A: Media.

Appendix B: Entering the Linux Community.



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