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Скачать Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment, Second Edition бесплатно

Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment, Second Edition By John H. Terpstra
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR 08, 2005 | 512 Pages | ISBN: 013188221X | PDF | 3.5 MB

This book comprehensively documents step-by-step proven, working examples of Samba deployments. It is the perfect follow up book to the Official SAMBA-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide (0131453556). If you want to deploy Samba-3 with least effort, or if you want to become an expert at deploying Samba-3 without having to search for every piece of detail from the HOWTO, this book is the ticket to your destination. Each chapter begins with the description of a case problem and sets out specifications for the design of a solution. The second part of the chapter provides a detailed discussion of a fully documented step-by-step implementation. All example case configuration files, scripts and other tools are provided on a CDROM. This book is descriptive, provides detailed diagrams, and makes deployment of Samba-3 a breeze. Samba has an installed base of 12m, 30% of which are expected to update to Samba 3. Microsoft Windows Server has an installed base of about 16m, between 10-15% of which are expected to migrate to a non-Microsoft solution like Samba.

From the Back Cover
Get Samba running right, the first time . . . every time!

Here’s the Samba-3 cookbook you’ve been searching for! This book’s complete configuration files, step-by-step implementation instructions, network diagrams, and automated scripts make Samba-3 deployment a breeze. From small office networks to enterprise environments, here are proven configurations and expert guidance you won’t find anywhere else. Long-term Samba Team member John H. Terpstra covers all these scenarios, and more:

* “No frills” Samba servers: replacing Windows 9x peer-to-peer networks and supporting Windows 2000 and XP clients
* Small- to-mid-sized networks requiring basic security, user groups, and remote access
* Secure, scalable networks with domain logons and roaming profiles
* Deploying Samba in environments that utilize routers and firewalls
* Improving network user experience through desktop profile controls, policy controls, and folder redirection
* Full-fledged enterprise network environments—with hot tips to enhance availability and performance
* Migrating seamlessly from Windows NT 4 to Samba-3
* Adding UNIX/Linux clients and servers to your existing Windows networks
* Guidance for integration of Samba-3 into your Microsoft Active Directory Domain
* Configuration guides for DHCP, DNS and OpenLDAP servers to get the most out of your Samba network
* Includes guidelines for estimating server hardware needs

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