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Скачать Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming бесплатно

Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming by Norman Lin
Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc. (June 2001) | 621 pages | ISBN: 1556228538 | PDF | 12 MB

Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming builds upon the foundation set in Norman Lin's Linux 3D Graphics Programming. This second volume provides programmers who are experienced in both Linux and fundamental 3D graphics concepts with a well-rounded perspective on 3D theory and practice within the context of programming larger interactive 3D applications.

Lin's primary goal is to provide a solid understanding of the concepts involved in interactive 3D graphics programming in order to enable the reader to write 3D programs, libraries, and games, and to analyze and understand others' 3D code. By focusing on more than just hard-core 3D algorithms, and by providing detailed information on equally important issues such as 3D modeling, world editing, digital sound, and collision detection, Lin gives the reader sufficient information to program and populate complete 3D worlds under Linux.

Lin's careful balance between theory and practice provides both working code examples and a firm theoretical foundation, thereby empowering the reader to become a member of the professional 3D programming community.

About the Author
Norman Lin is a professional software consultant with more than 15 years of international software development experience and a master's degree in computer science. He has worked on such diverse projects as parallel supercomputing, real-time analysis of atmospheric data, and 3D game development. Lin is also the author of Linux 3D Graphics Programming.

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