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Скачать OpenCms 7 Development: Extending and customizing OpenCms through its Java API бесплатно

OpenCms 7 Development: Extending and customizing OpenCms through its Java API by Dan Liliedahl
Packt (4-2008) | PDF | 292 pages | ISBN 1847191053 | 3.6 MB

Targeting version 7 of OpenCms, this book is for Java developers interested in extending and further customizing OpenCms through its Java API. The book is for Java developers with a basic knowledge of the operations of OpenCms. No previous experience of developing OpenCms is expected.

About the Author
As eFoundry's Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dan Liliedahl's early vision for the company has culminated in a professional services firm that provides its Fortune 1000 clients with focused expertise in the development and deployment of sophisticated Web infrastructures and content management applications. eFoundry is a system integrator that customizes and deploys OpenCms, which is quite mature with a large developer community. Dan serves as the firm's primary architect for the enterprise content management solutions that enable the delivery of e-business initiatives such as portals, web services, and online catalogs. Prior to his position at eFoundry, Dan served as principal engineer and architect for content management software pioneer FutureTense, Inc. While there, he designed and deployed state-of-the-art J2EE-based enterprise content management solutions for leading international companies in the financial services and publishing industries. Before FutureTense, Dan was principal software engineer for SBL scripting language firm, Mystic River Software. He has also managed the architecture, design and implementation of mission-critical software products for Massachusetts-based firms Adra Systems, Inc., Simplex Time Recorder, Intellution, and Butler Automatic. Dan has a Bachelors of Science in electrical engineering from the University of New Hampshire's College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

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