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Скачать Tim Maher - Minimal Perl For UNIX and Linux People (Repost) бесплатно

Tim Maher - Minimal Perl For UNIX and Linux People
Manning | 2006 | ISBN 1932394508 | Pages: 503 | PDF | 3.48 MB

Perl is a great language, with an ingenious mentality underlying it, and a terrific
user community gathered around it. Given these properties, it’s no wonder it has become so popular.
It would have been easy to write a truly “minimal” book on Perl by revealing so little
of the language that nobody would have been able to do much with it. This isn’t that
kind of book.
It would also have been easy to write yet another “maximal” book on Perl, which
would spend so much ink enthusing over its expressiveness, reveling in its redundancies,
frolicking through its freakier features, and rampaging through its ribald regions,
that there’d be insufficient room left to adequately explain how realistic programs
actually work or to give you practical tips on avoiding common problems. This isn’t
that kind of book either.
This is a new kind of Perl book—one that empowers you to write lots of useful programs,
without learning any more about Perl than is necessary.

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