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Скачать Multimedia Systems, Standards, and Networks, by Atul Puri бесплатно

Multimedia Systems, Standards, and Networks, by Atul Puri
CRC; 1 edition | English | March 22, 2000 | ISBN: 082479303X | 631 Pages | PDF | 14,7 Mb

Description : Multimedia Systems, Standards, and Networks is about recent advances in multimedia systems, standards, and networking. This book is for you if you have ever been interested in efficient compression of images and video and want to find out what is coming next; if you have any interest in upcoming techniques for efficient compression of speech or music, or efficient representation of graphics and animation; if you have heard about existing or evolving ITU-T video standards as well as Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) video and audio standards and want to know more; if you have ever been curious about the space needed for storage of multimedia on a disc or bandwidth issues in transmission of multimedia over networks, and how these problems can be addressed by new coding standards; and finally (because it is not only about efficient compression but also about effective playback systems) if you want to learn more about flexible composition and user interactivity, over-the-network streaming, and search and retrieval.

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