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Скачать Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One бесплатно

Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One by Kenneth C Finney
Publisher: Course Technology PTR; 1 edition (August 24, 2005) | 616 pages | ISBN: 1592007333 | PDF | 58 MB

Take your 3D game programming skills to the next level! Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One uses the Torque Game Engine to teach experienced 3D game programmers advanced concepts. You'll use the Torque Game Engine to learn each new skill, maximizing your game engine experience. Quickly conquer TorqueScript, simulation techniques, the ins and outs of the game engine, player control, and using applied artificial intelligence. Then take it up a notch and discover how to spice up your game with enhanced game modeling using character and shape modeling and dynamic skins. Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One reveals the techniques and mechanisms that will give you an insider's look into the realm of game development so you can create your own amazing games just like the pros.

About the Author
Kenneth C. Finney has been lead faculty member for the Game Art & Design program at the Art Institute of Toronto since 2004. He began programming in 1974 and his career as a software engineer included work on high-speed trading systems technology, armored fighting vehicle systems design, nuclear reactor safety and testing technology, robotic pharmaceutical systems and 3D game engine technology. In 1997 Ken was a recipient of the prestigious Conference Board of Canada ITX (Innovation in Technology Excellence) Award for his work on InScan[md]a high-speed document scanning system. At the turn of the millennium, Ken decided to pursue his passion for computer games, and began gradually moving out of the world of commercial and industrial technology and into the game development arena. Ken is the creator of the popular Tubettiworld online game and the ‘QuicknDirty’ game management tools for Novalogic’s Delta Force 2 game series. Ken is co-owner of Sprite House Games, a game company located in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, where he is working on producing several projects, including Juggernaut (in association with GarageGames), a 3D FPS tech demo for Torque 2.0 and Beast Forge, a TorqueX (XNA) game utilizing advanced AI techniques.

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