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Скачать C: An advanced introduction бесплатно

C: An advanced introduction

Narain Gehani, «C: An advanced introduction»
Computer Science Press | ISBN: 0881750530 | 1985 | PDF | 332 pages | 9.83 MB

The C programming language was designed and implemented by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Despite a late start, the popularity of C has been increasing rapidly. C compilers are now available for many machines and the list of available C compilers is growing fast [Halfant 1983, Kern 1983, Phraner 1983]. Two important reasons for this increasing popularity are the
1. Flexibility of the C Language: It can be used for a wide variety of application domains with relative ease.
2. Popularity of the UNIX System: Most of the software in the UNIX System is written in C and C is the primary language supported by the UNIX system.





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