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Скачать SAS Publishing - SAS Inventory Optimization 1.3: User's Guide бесплатно

SAS Publishing - SAS Inventory Optimization 1.3: User's Guide
SAS Publishing | 2009 | ISBN: 1590479262 | Pages: 140 | PDF | 1.31 MB

Learn how to manage product inventory levels more effectively by using SAS Inventory Optimization. This title serves as the primary documentation for the IRP and MIRP procedures. Focusing on both single-location and multi-echelon inventory systems, SAS Inventory Optimization software gives you the ability to calculate inventory replenishment policies, project inventory levels, and estimate customer service metrics. Replenishment policy calculations account for variation in customer demand and replenishment order lead times. Ordering cost, inventory holding cost, backorder penalty cost, and target service levels are also used to drive policy calculation. Several inventory and customer service metrics are provided for evaluating expected policy performance. This title serves as a reference guide for novice and expert users of SAS Inventory Optimization software.

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