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Скачать Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide бесплатно

"Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide" by Dorien Herremans MSc MIS
Publisher: N/A | 2009 | ISBN: 2839904902 | PDF | 5.10 Mb | 148 Pages

Drupal is one of the best content management systems (CMS) around. In fact, it has just won (for the second time) the Best Overall 2008 Open Source CMS Award and Best PHP Open Source CMS Award. For about 8 years now, Drupal has been providing users with one of the best and most versatile frameworks around. In this book, I will guide the reader through the different modules needed to build a solid community site. And I go even further, by looking at how to structure content and making a few €, $, , , ,... from your site. It is going to be an exploration of modules and their features.

The main strategy of this book is to use only out-of-the-box, user contributed modules. So anybody can make a great site. This well thought strategy offers us the following advantages:
1. Easy to update.
2. Anyone can do it.
3. Expansive: at any time, you can install a module safely, to allow additional functionality.

Every function will be explained using the fully integrated case study Drupalfun.
Anyone can build a social networking site with Drupal after reading this book.

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