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Скачать Linux HPC Cluster Installation: IBM Redbooks бесплатно


Linux HPC Cluster Installation: IBM Redbooks
IBM | ISBN: 0738422789 | 2001-06 | PDF (OCR) | 248 pages | 5.73 Mb

This redbook will guide system architects and systems engineers toward a basic understanding of cluster technology, terminology, and the installation of a Linux High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster (a Beowulf type of cluster) into an IBM eServer xSeries cluster.

This document focus on xCAT (xCluster Administration Tools) for installation and administration. All nodes and components of the cluster, such as compute nodes and management nodes, are installed with xCAT. This tool is a collection of scripts, tables, and commands used to build and administer a Beowulf type of cluster or a farm of replicated nodes. All these xCAT components are explained in the appendixes of the Redbook. Detailed procedures on how to install and properly configure a Linux Red Hat operating system in the nodes of an IBM eServer xSeries HPC cluster are presented.

For architectural design, we present a generic cluster architecture, specifics for an HPC type of cluster, and the physical and logical components of an HPC cluster. A solution design guideline is presented as well, giving the key concepts and design principals to be used during the architectural and planning phases.
Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 General cluster architecture
Chapter 3 Components overview
Chapter 4 Solution guide
Chapter 5 Hardware preparation
Chapter 6 Management node installation
Chapter 7 Compute node installation
Chapter 8 Installation of additional components

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