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Скачать Core JavaServer Faces (Core Series) бесплатно

Core JavaServer Faces (Core Series)

Core JavaServer Faces (Core Series)
Prentice Hall PTR | ISBN: 0131463055 | June 25, 2004 | CHM | 552 pages | 7 MB

JavaServer Faces is a Web application framework -- similar to Jakarta Struts -- that gives application developers access to custom components that facilitate the creation of rich user interfaces. JSF also provides Integrated Development Environment (IDE) vendors with a standard upon which to base their IDEs. In the Core tradition, this new book aims to be THE tutorial and reference for experienced programmers who need to learn this exciting new technology. Although J2EE is still the most popular platform for developing Web applications, Microsoft's .NET has gained market share over the past two years. J2EE is arguably more powerful, but .NET, is generally regarded as easier to use. J2EE currently lacks: a rich component model that makes it easy to develop custom components and an IDE (like Visual Studio) that facilitates Web application development. That's where JSF enters the equation, and this book aims to be the most authoritative treatment of the topic -- a must-have for any serious J2EE programmer.

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