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Скачать Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Programming бесплатно

Jamie Plenderleith, Steve Bunn "Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Programming"
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | English | 2009-03-23 | ISBN: 0071604081 | 442 pages | PDF | 10,8 MB

Take your Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 programming skills to the top tier

"A must-read for experienced developers who want to dive deeply into Visual Studio 2008. The authors provide practical guidance combined with real-world applicability. The best of Visual Studio 2008 uncovered-buy this book!" --Michelle Clarke, Program Manager, Microsoft Ireland

Maximize every powerful programming feature available in Visual Studio 2008 with expert instruction from two Microsoft MVPs. Through clear explanations and real-world code samples, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Programming reveals how to develop innovative, high-performance applications with C# and VB.NET. Learn how to deploy ADO.NET and WCF services, incorporate XML and Ajax scripts, build hack-resistant code, and much more. The latest security tools, visualizers, and debuggers are also covered in detail.

• Work with WinForms, JavaScript, and Windows Services
• Use extension methods, partial classes, and XML literals
• Handle database transactions with XSLT, ADO.NET, and LINQ
• Build mobile-ready and offline applications using Sync Services
• Manage Active Directory and Internet Information Services from code
• Defend against SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks
• Learn from secure code guru Michael Howard how to take advantage of the security defenses in Visual C++
• Construct setup packages using ClickOnce and Windows Installer
• Cut development time using Visual Studio Team System and WPF

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