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Скачать Linux Programmer's Reference бесплатно

Linux Programmer's Reference by Richard Petersen
Publisher: Osborne Publishing; 2nd edition (December 10, 1999) | 443 pages | ISBN: 0072123559 | PDF (OCR from html) | 1.9 MB

This handy-sized volume is an excellent reference and a superb companion to Linux: The Complete Reference, Third Edition, also by Petersen. -- Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin Magazine, June 2000

Linux Programmer's Reference is useful to programmers at all levels, whether they are programming in the BASH, TCSH, or Z shell of Linux. More than just an alphabetical sourcebook of Linux commands, it captures all the nuances of the various shells and lists them completely, providing syntax, brief explanations, and programming examples for each command. In addition, the author provides expert advice on how, when, and why to use each command, helping you choose the msot suitable one for your particular task. Linux Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition will be completely revised and updated to include coverage based on the new Linux kernel 2.2. Functions as an "idea book" so that a programmer can thumb through to find and provide appropriate solutions to the issue at hand.

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