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Скачать Perl: The Complete Reference бесплатно

Perl: The Complete Reference by Martin C. Brown
Publisher: Osborne Publishing; 2nd edition (July 21, 1999) | ISBN: 0072120002 | 1179 pages | PDF (OCR from html) | 7.6 MB

Perl is the Web masters' language of choice for its flexibility, convenience, and cross-platform capability. The MOST COMPREHENSIVE Perl book on the market - 1,100 ages of solid content ideal for programmers of all skill levels. Covers everything from the basics to advanced programming to extending perl to cross-platform use. CD-ROM contains code from the book, sample scripts, and applications. 18 months of half-page ad space allocated in the Perl Journal.

From the Back Cover

The most definitive and comprehensive Perl resource available. Master Perl--the multi-platform, flexible scripting language--with help from this authoritative reference. Programming expert Martin Brown shows you how to write portable Perl scripts that can be used to report on text files, handle complex data structures, enhance the user interface, program for the Web, and much more. Plus, you'll learn to deploy Perl programs across all platforms. Packed with hundreds of real-world examples and expert techniques, this is a book no Perl programmer should be without. Inside, you'll find out how to: learn the building blocks of a Perl program--structures, code blocks, statements, and variables; execute basic Perl programs, interface with the user, and process and report on files; manage the inter-process communication with pipes and inter-machine communication with networking; handle complex data structures using Perl's object-oriented capabilities; store Perl data using both built-in and external modules; enhance the user interface by enabling various cross-platform solutions; process Perl scripts for the Web via the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and interface to external Web-based programs; write clients and servers within a single application; extend and embed Perl using eXternal Subroutine (XS).

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