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Скачать Peter Walsh, Adrian Perez - Advanced 3-D Game Programming with DirectX 8.0 (Repost) бесплатно

Peter Walsh, Adrian Perez - Advanced 3-D Game Programming with DirectX 8.0
Wordware Publishing | 2001 | ISBN: 155622513X | Pages: 600 | PDF | 6.79 MB

Microsoft’s DirectX is a powerful set of application programming interfaces used for multimedia application development. The latest version offers increased performance, better usability, and more power to create the next generation of interactive entertainment products that rival anything seen in the past. This revision of the best-selling Advanced 3-D Game Programming Using DirectX 7.0 focuses on the new features of DirectX 8.0, providing plenty of code to help readers understand how to create computer games using this advanced multimedia application development platform.

Among the topics discussed are: * Lighting and shading schemes * Networking and multithreading * Texture mapping * Scene management

Along with several sample applications that target specific algorithms, full source code is provided for a client-server networked 3-D first-person game that demonstrates many of the techniques discussed in the book. This gives readers the opportunity to develop their own code easily, basing it upon the technology discussed in the book.

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