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Скачать Wolfgang Engel, Amir Geva - Beginning Direct3D Game Programming (Repost) бесплатно

Wolfgang Engel, Amir Geva - Beginning Direct3D Game Programming
Muska & Lipman | 2002 | ISBN: 0761531912 | Pages: 528 | PDF | 3.19 MB

Beginning Direct3D Game Programming covers all of the elements that are necessary to create a Direct3D game for your PC! You will learn the essentials of Direct3D game programming, including basic algorithms, texture mapping basics, 3D math, lighting, use of depth buffers, and much more! This book also covers the Transformation & Lighting Pipeline and how to use it to map texture object with different effects, as well as different file formats and how to integrate them into your game engines. You'll go from the basics to hardcore Direct3D game programming in a matter of pages!

Thanks to original uploader!

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