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Скачать Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences, Third Edition бесплатно


Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences, Third Edition: Patricia Cohen, Jacob Cohen, Stephen G. West, Leona S. Aiken
Lawrence Erlbaum | ISBN: 0805822232 | 2002-08-01 | PDF (OCR) | 736 pages | 44.51 Mb

This classic text on multiple regression is noted for its non-mathematical, applied, and data-analytic approach. Readers profit from its verbal-conceptual exposition and frequent use of examples. The applied emphasis provides clear illustrations of the principles and provides worked examples of the types of applications that are possible. Researchers learn how to specify regression models that directly address their research questions. An overview of the fundamental ideas of multiple regression and a review of bivariate correlation and regression and other elementary statistical concepts provide a strong foundation for a solid understanding of the rest of the text.
The third edition features an increased emphasis on graphics and the use of confidence intervals and effect size measures and an accompanying CD with data for most of the numerical examples along with the computer code for SPSS, SAS, and SYSTAT.
Applied Multiple Regression serves asboth a textbook for graduate students and as a reference tool for researchers in psychology, education, health sciences, communications, business, sociology, political science, anthropology, and economics. An introductory knowledge of statistics is required. Self-standing chapters minimize the need for researchers to refer to previous chapters. The book is an ideal text for courses on multiple regression and correlational methods.
Summary: Second Grad Stats
Rating: 4
I've adopted this text for my graduate seminar in Multiple Regression. I choose it over other texts for the topics AND because it's focus is on concepts rather than math. Now that we can carry SPSSX in our brief case, there is no need to focus on that computation.
Summary: Can't beat it
Rating: 5
...This book is the source of all you need. It's hard going at times, but so's the subject. The book's 15 years old and remains the best guide to the analysis of correlated data. It's a reference book, one I value as much as a good dictionary. To use it as a text would be misguided unless the instruction was aimed at a sophisticated audience.
Summary: Best MRC Book Ever
Rating: 5
I agree with the previous reviewer that there are times when the exposition in the book gets a bit intense; but c'mon! We're dealing with statistics. You gotta sweat a bit. That's when learning happens. In my opinion the book is extremely clearly written. And although you may have to re-read a few sentences a few times, the basic tools for understanding most every major aspect of MRC is embedded in the text. In sum, this was a great book that I read as a 2nd-year graduate student in psychology. Unlike the first reviewer, I turned to this text when I got confused during the course lectures!
Summary: MRC Analysis---good book overall
Rating: 4
Cohen and Cohen's MRC analysis book is well versed and easy to understand for someone that is familiar with MRC terminology, however, for first year graduate students, the text is very equivocal. The book is lacking ample illustrations of complex problems, leaving students to rely on outside sources. Also, the book uses unfamiliar symbols that do not correspond with other MRC books, which intensifies the confusion level of the students even more.Overall, the text is a great addition to a statistical library, and this reviewer recommends it, in spite of being a sub-par book for first year graduate students.

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