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Скачать Sampling Algorithms (Springer Series in Statistics): Yves Tille бесплатно


Sampling Algorithms (Springer Series in Statistics): Yves Tille
Springer | ISBN: 0387308148 | 2006-03-28 | PDF (OCR) | 216 pages | 1.21 Mb

Over the last few decades, important progresses in the methods of sampling have been achieved. This book draws up an inventory of new methods that can be useful for selecting samples. Forty-six sampling methods are described in the framework of general theory. The algorithms are described rigorously, which allows implementing directly the described methods. This book is aimed at experienced statisticians who are familiar with the theory of survey sampling.

Summary: Excellent summary
Rating: 4
This book is an excellent formal summary of all sampling algorithms. It's breaf and good.

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