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Скачать Windows NT Win32 API SuperBible (Other Sams): Richard Simon бесплатно


Windows NT Win32 API SuperBible (Other Sams): Richard Simon
Waite Group Press | ISBN: 1571690891 | 1997-05-13 | PDF (OCR) | 1510 pages | 19.15 Mb

Windows NT Win32 API SuperBible is the perfect resource for programmers who want comprehensive, updated coverage of all Win32 APIs, as well as detailed information specific to the newest Windows NT functions. This book lets you look up the specific Win32 API call you need, when you need it. Concise descriptions detail what you need to know about every Win32 call, including new NT4 APIs. You'll quickly see how specific functions are used, modified, and integrated into larger applications. APIs are conveniently organized by purpose, so you can quickly find every API function available for a specific task. The chapters cover the crucial programming APIs for menus, scroll bars, clipboard, help files, MDI, GDI, dialog boxes, palettes, color-matching, DLLs, atoms, timers, and much more. Explanations of reusage syntax, parameters, possible pitfalls, and tips from the pros augment each reference entry. Summary projects also show you how to use the APIs in a practical context.
Summary: A Truly Super-Bible!
Rating: 5
What else can be said about something that claims to be a superbible? It's name says it all: almost every API you could hope to want to see is in here, with hundreds of examples that are easily programmed by hand or cut-and-pasted with the source code on the CD. Basically you set up one program (given to you at the beginning of the book) and then all the examples follow programming a "case" statement for the TEST menu control that will execute. If you're looking for ODBC or DAO APIs, this book has none, nor any APIs that will help with Multimedia or Telephony. Even so, this is a fantastic reference to anyone still using APIs to do their programming (which, unlike MFC or COM or at least not until you have a lot of experience with it...and not using AppWizard, allows you to program exactly what you want, how you want it) this book will pay for itself the very first program you write using it. Highly recommended!
Summary: Close but no cigar........
Rating: 3
Yes, the book does covers most every WIN32 API fuction call, but fails to leave out some pretty important information. For example, the book describes in detail the function anv various parameters and datatypes used by the function, but leaves out which LIBRARY .dll to use with your call. Now I'm not a C++ code jockey, but I would have expected the book to identify which .dll needed to be called instead of indicating which C++ include file (wingdi.h) the function uses.Other than that, the book is very well written and organized.
Summary: Don't waste your money on this book
Rating: 1
You can save your money, becuase no one needs such a book. This book contains very simple description of most popular API's. MSDN has same documentation and even better than this book. The book has poor explanation for every API comparing to the MSDN.
Summary: I'm sorry, this is just THE best.
Rating: 5
I originally bought this book (online mind you, having nothing but the title, page count and a few vauge reviews) with the intention of learning how to control windows with the SendMessage function, but was disappointed to find it full of mostly the drawing part of the WinAPI.But after sitting on the shelf for a few months, it's come back to teach me soooo much about the Win32 platform and C++ programming for it. I went from being an amature console C programmer to a hot GUI, interactive and not to mention much more efficient (with tips on threading and spawning from the book) Windows coder. I'd pay for it thrice if I had to. If you're tired of VB for your apps, this is the transition point for you into V/C++ and/or ASM Win32 coding. This book is Win32.
Summary: This one is a must have!
Rating: 5
Yep. It's just the most complete api reference I've seen. Don't forget there are another two parts of this book, I instantly bought along with this one.

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