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Скачать Cisco Networking Academy Program: First-year Companion Guide: Vito Amato бесплатно


Cisco Networking Academy Program: First-year Companion Guide: Vito Amato
Cisco Press | ISBN: 1587130254 | 2001 | PDF (OCR) | 1024 pages | 8.20 Mb

The Only Authorized Textbook for the Cisco Networking Academy Program

Additional chapters, not found within the Web-based curriculum, include troubleshooting, residential networking, and more
Companion CD-ROM contains exclusive enrichment materials such as interactive e-Lab activities, animations, and CCNA preparation questions that prepare you for the practical portion of the CCNA exam
Chapter objectives provide references to the concepts covered in each chapter
Review questions at the end of each chapter help track your progress and focus your study
New Command Summary adds to your understanding of commands used to configure Cisco routers and references the chapters in which each command appears
Material covered in this book helps you prepare for CCNA Exam #640-507
Cisco Networking Academy Program: First-Year Companion Guide, Second Edition is the Cisco-approved textbook for the first and second semesters of the Cisco Networking Academy Program.

This book supports and reinforces the Web-based curriculum for the Cisco Networking Academy Program, while reinforcing concepts pertaining to CCNA certification. The first-year guide provides an in-depth discussion of the OSI reference model layers and path determination, in addition to the configuration details for IP routing and addressing, subnetting topics, and basic router configuration and operation.

The instructional materials for the First-Year Companion Guide follow the instructional style and format that Cisco Systems has created for the Cisco Networking Academy Program and is the only print companion that Cisco Systems reviewed and endorses for the Cisco Networking Academy

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