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Скачать Unified Optical Scanning Technology: Leo Beiser бесплатно


Unified Optical Scanning Technology: Leo Beiser
Wiley-Interscience | ISBN: 0471316547 | 2001-02-15 | PDF (OCR) | 200 pages | 1.95 Mb

Written by an award-winning leader in the field, this is a thoroughly integrated overview of the many facets and disciplines of optical scanning. Of particular utility to both practitioner and student are such features as: An overview of the technology and unifying principles, including active and passive scanning, optical transfer, and system architecture. In-depth chapters on scanning theory and processes, scanned resolution, scanner devices and techniques, and the control of scanner beam misplacemenA comprehensive review of the government-sponsored research of agile beam steering, now primed for commercial adaptationA unique focus on the Lagrange invariant and its revealing resolution invariant

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