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Скачать A Primer on the Taguchi Method бесплатно


A Primer on the Taguchi Method
Society of Manufacturing; 1 edition | ISBN: 087263468X | June 1990 | P7F | 247 pages | 26 Mb

A clear, simple and essentially non-mathematical presentation, this practical guide introduces you to the basic concepts, techniques and applications of the renowned Taguchi approach.

Numerous real-world examples will help you see how the Taguchi Method works in a variety of manufacturing applications. For those who need a more rigorous statistical treatment, the book’s working appendices provide full mathematical details on orthogonal arrays, triangular tables and linear graphs, plus fully worked solutions to problems presented in the example case studies.

1. Quality Through Product and Process Optimization
2. The Taguchi Approach to Quality and Cost Imporovement
3. Measurement of Quality
4. Procedures of The Taguchi Methods and Its Benefit
5. Working Mechanics of The Taguchi Design of Experiments
6. Analyisi of Variance (ANOVA)
7. Loss Function
8. Brainstorming
9. Example of Taguchi Case Study
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