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Скачать Leveraging WMI Scripting (Repost) бесплатно

Leveraging WMI Scripting

Alain Lissoir, «Leveraging WMI Scripting»
Digital Press | ISBN: 1555582990 | 2003 | CHM | 970 pages | 12.05 MB

Leveraging Scripting is the second in a series of two books dedicated to WMI. Understanding WMI, Lissoir’s first book, explained to Windows Administrators the various WMI scripting techniques and manageability capabilities of this new Windows Server 2003 platform. Illustrated with hundreds of scripts and detailed tables, the book explained the underlying technology and how WMI can be put to work. Lissoir focused not only on WMI programming aspects for developers but on how administrators can use what is available in Windows for their admin work.




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