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Скачать Microsoft .Net Framework Professional Projects; 1st edition (Repost) бесплатно


Microsoft .Net Framework Professional Projects; 1st edition (Repost): A. Chakrabonti, R. Sandhu, V. Kranti, Uday Kranti, Roopendra Jeet Sandhu
Muska and Lipman | ISBN: 1931841241 | April 2, 2002 | PDF (OCR) | 943 pages | 5.46 Mb

Use .NET Framework to accomplish real-world, professional tasks. .NET Framework Professional Projects is your key to unlocking the power of .NET Framework. Each project focuses on a specific concept and is based on a real-world situation. Enhance your skills as you work through eleven projects including creating XML schemas, creating a Web service and application, implementing security models in .NET Framework, and measuring system performance. When you are finished, you will have the skills necessary to modify projects to fit your professional needs.

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