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Скачать Oracle Databases on the Web (repost) бесплатно

Oracle Databases on the Web: Learn to Create Web Pages That Interface with Database Engines

Oracle Databases on the Web: Learn to Create Web Pages That Interface with Database Engines
Coriolis Group Books | ISBN: 1576100995 | February 20, 1997 | PDF | 592 pages | 7 MB

Covers how to set up database systems to drive commercial Web and intranet sites. Provides the insight of two experienced Oracle database administrators. Presents need-to-know information in an easy-to-read format with clear examples and illustrations. Provides an understanding of the World Wide Web and details on Web security. Details database design, including performance and tuning.

About the Author
Donald Burleson (Raleigh, NC) has been a database administrator for over 15 years and has designed numerous data warehouse systems with Oracle. He is the author of several books about Oracle, including High Performance Oracle Database Applications and Oracle Databases on the Web, and over 30 articles in magazines such as DBMS, Oracle Magazine, and Computerworld.

Robert Papaj (Rochester, NY) has 18 years of information systems experience in database administration across numerous DBMSs. Robert is an Oracle Master in database administration, technical support, application development, and application center consulting. Donald K. Burleson (Raleigh, NC) specializes in database technology and distributed database systems. He is an Adjunct Professor of Information Systems, the author of two other books on databases, and a writer for several national publications such as Computerworld, Database Programming & Design, and Oracle Technical Journal.





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