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Скачать Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations бесплатно

Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations
Prentice Hall | 259 pages | 1977 | ISBN: 0131653326 | DJVU | 1,3 MB

George E. Forsythe, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Computer Science, died on April 9, 1972, at the age of 55. He founded the Stanford Computer Science Department, one of the first such departments in the nation, on January 1, 1965.His wise counsel, friendly
encouragement and inspiring leadership will be sorely missed by his colleagues and his many friends in and outside the department.
George was born on January 8, 1917, in State College, Pennsylvania, and moved as a small boy with his family to Ann Arbor, Michigan. His
undergraduate work was at Swarthmore College, where he majored in Mathematics. His experience there had a strong influence on his life.
His graduate study was in Mathematics at Brown University where he received his M.S. in 1938 and his Ph.D. in 1941. He then came to
Stanford but his first year here was interrupted by service in the Air Force, in which he became a meteorologist. His interest in his fellow
students and in education manifested itself very early and he became co-author of an outstanding book on meteorology. Following his
service in the Air Force his interest in numerical mathematics and computation developed rapidly. He spent a year at Boeing where he
introduced what may have been the first use of automatic computing in that company. He spent several years in the Institute for Numerical
Analysis of the National Bureau of Standards, a special section located on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles. He joined
the Institute because he wanted to watch the development of the Standards Western Automatic Computer (SWAC), one of the first of the
digital computers. He had many interesting tales to tell of these early days of computing.
Stanford acquired its first computer in 1953, and research and instruction in numerical mathematics and computation began to develop.


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