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Скачать Curves and Surfaces for Computer-Aided Geometric Design: A Practical Guide (Computer Science and Scientific Computing) бесплатно


Curves and Surfaces for Computer-Aided Geometric Design: A Practical Guide (Computer Science and Scientific Computing): Gerald Farin
Academic Press | ISBN: 0122490541 | 1996-09 | PDF (OCR) | 300 pages | 4.26 Mb

This unified treatment of curve and surface design concepts is the Fourth Edition of the popular text, Curves and Surfaces for Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Third Edition (Academic Press, 1992). Assuming only a background in calculus and basic linear algebra, this revised and updated classic is highly accessible and should be of interest to a wide audience; from computer graphics hobbyists to software developers for CAD/CAM systems. The author's informal style makes this book very reader-friendly, and the IBM disk included in the back of the book will allow the user to gain first-hand experience with the concepts as they are explained. This book focuses on Bezier and B-spline methods for curves, rational Bezier and B-spline curves, geometric continuity, spline interpolation, and Coons methods. In this Fourth Edition, the content has been thoroughly revised and updated to include a new chapter on recursive subdivision, new material on nonrectangular topology, surface faceting, stereo lithography, and new sections on triangulations and scattered data interpolants. The disk provided in the back of the book has also been updated to include all of the data sets and the C code used in the book. Features:
- Covers tensor product Bezier surfaces
- Includes a chapter on recursive subdivisions
- Incorporates new material on surface faceting, stereo lithography, and nonrectangular topology
- Provides many C programs and data sets on the IBM disk included with the book
Summary: My primary reference for curves and surfaces on computers
Rating: 5
An excellent, in-depth treatment of the subject of representing curves and surfaces on a computer. Written in a clear expository style, it covers the mathematics and algorithms behind Bezier and related classes of curves. Contributed sections on the differential geometry of curves and surfaces provide an excellent introduction to the mathematical framework behind the algorithms. Though not for the casual reader, Farin's book is a perfect reference for the programmer or architect of computer aided design software. I recommend it highly.

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