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Скачать Isometric Game Programming With DirectX 7 бесплатно

Isometric Game Programming With DirectX 7
Stacy L.Hiquet | 2006 | ISBN: 0761530894 | 752 pages | PDF | 19.8MB

Isometric game programming is an alternative to 3D programming, which is much more math intensive. However, isometric games often can achieve the same level of graphical aesthetics as 3D games. Isometric game development is great for real-time strategy games similar to Sim City 3000, Caesars III, and Age of Empires. Isometric Game Programming with DirectX 7.0 is a comprehensive book that is ideal for any serious game developer as well as any of the 250,000 game hobbyists worldwide. Readers will find valuable information on how to create and develop games using hexagonal images. This book will be most useful to game developers who are not new to programming, but are possibly new to DirectX. Series editor Andr LaMothe has published numerous magazine articles and is an international best-selling author with over six game programming and 3D graphics titles to his credit. He has been active in the computing industry for more than twenty years, during which he created one of the world's first commercially available virtual reality games, CyberGate. Andr is also the founder and CEO of Xtreme Games LLC.

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