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Скачать Jeff Lander - Graphics Programming Methods (Repost) бесплатно

Jeff Lander - Graphics Programming Methods
Charles River Media | 2003 | ISBN: 1584502991 | Pages: 406 | PDF | 57.58 MB

The capabilities and computational speed of today’s hardware have dramatically enhanced graphics technology. These improvements happen so quickly, however, that it is often difficult for programmers to keep pace. Graphics Programming Methods is a unique collection of application and technique-driven articles that provide practical methods for solving problems facing every graphics programmer. Each article is written by an experienced programmer and details how to apply new techniques or improve upon widely-used methods.

Using interesting and advanced research, the collection addresses key issues in animation, geometry, and rendering. All of the research is presented in a practical and approachable manner and most examples include full source code, making immediate implementation of the techniques possible. This innovative collection is a must-have resource for graphics programmers that will help you think critically, expand your knowledge, and create new methods of your own.

ANIMATION: Simulating & Rendering Particle Systems, Real-time Animation of Trees, Multiresolution of Hierarchical Bodies, Scripted Bodies and Spline-Driven Animation, Building an Advanced Facial Expression System, Inverse Displacement Constraints in Real-time Cloth and Soft Body Models
GEOMETRY: Automatic Parameterizing on the Cube, Filling Texture Holes Using the Euclidean Distance Map, Code Smoothing Algorithm for 3D Reconstructed Surfaces, Higher-Order Surfaces Using Curved Point-Normal Triangles, Visible Terrain Grid Determination Using the Frustum, Tree Face Portals with Solid Geometry, Framework for Rapid 3D Level Design Using MAXScript ™ Code Generation
RENDERING: Modified Phong-Blinn Light Model for Shadowed Areas, Stochastic Iteration for Non-diffuse Global Illumination, Rendering with Adaptive Integration, Illumination-Based Occlu-sion Culling, Antialiasing for Bump Maps and a Fast Normalization Trick, Pixel Shader Optimization for Terrain Rendering

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