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Скачать Step by Step Linux Guide бесплатно

M. B. G. Suranga De Silva: "Step by Step Linux Guide"
Publisher: n/a | ISBN: n/a | edition: 2004 | PDF | 396 Pages | 1.4 Mb

Step by Step Linux Guide, describes the system administration aspects of using Linux. It is intended for people who know nothing about system administration. This book doesn't tell you how to install Linux since it is very straight forward but it gives you real world mail, DNS, proxy, web, messaging etc. server installations and configurations.System administration is all the things that one has to do to keep a computer system in a useable shape. It Includes things like backing up files and restoring , installing new programs, creating accounts for users, making certain that the filesystem is not corrupted, and so on. There is no one official Linux distribution, so different people have different setups, and many people have a setup they have built up themselves.






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