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Скачать Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding for Games (Repost) бесплатно

Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding for Games By Les Pardew
Publisher: Premier Press 2004 | 296 Pages | ISBN: 1592004954 | PDF | 32 MB

Creating enticing game art can mean the difference between getting a game published or rejected. Great game art can also be a very rewarding to the game designer! "Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding for Games" focuses on specific issues surrounding developing concept art for games. It emphasizes artistic development using computer drawing and painting programs such as Corel Painter, Corel Draw, and Corel Photo Paint. This book is ideal for beginning art students who wish to learn the fundamental techniques used in creating concept art for game designs. It covers basic game design elements, storyboards, character designs, game world designs, level layouts, and other key visual elements typically used in game designs. As you work your way through the book, you will learn how to create art as well as how the art is used in a game design document.

The only book to specifically address illustration and storyboarding for games.

Full of illustrations and step-by-step projects.

Offers real-world instruction for game concept art development.

Also touches on basic art skill development.

Comes complete with Q&As, extensice end-of-chapter exercises, projects and a CD to reinforce self-practice and learning.


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