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Скачать EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework (2nd Edition) бесплатно

Dave Steinberg, Frank Budinsky, Marcelo Paternostro, Ed Merks "EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework (2nd Edition)"
Addison-Wesley Professional | English | 2008-12-26 | ISBN: 0321331885 | 744 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The Authoritative Guide to EMF Modeling and Code Generation
The Eclipse Modeling Framework enables developers to rapidly construct robust applications based on surprisingly simple models. Now, in this thoroughly revised Second Edition, the project’s developers offer expert guidance, insight, and examples for solving real-world problems with EMF, accelerating development processes, and improving software quality.

This edition contains more than 40% new material, plus updates throughout to make it even more useful and practical. The authors illuminate the key concepts and techniques of EMF modeling, analyze EMF’s most important framework classes and generator patterns, guide you through choosing optimal designs, and introduce powerful framework customizations and programming techniques. Coverage includes

• Defining models with Java, UML, XML Schema, and Ecore
• NEW: Using extended Ecore modeling to fully unify XML with UML and Java
• Generating high-quality codeto implement models and editors
• Understanding and customizing generated code
• Complete documentation of @model Javadoc tags, generator model properties, and resource save and load options
• NEW: Leveraging the latest EMF features, including extended metadata, feature maps, EStore, cross-reference adapters, copiers, and content types
• NEW: Chapters on change recording, validation, and utilizing EMF in stand-alone and Eclipse RCP applications
• NEW: Modeling generics with Ecore and generating Java 5 code

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